In-Store Careers

Tire Technicians

Putting the Tire in Fountain Tire

Tire Technicians keep Fountain Tire customers rolling. They expertly install, balance, rotate, and repair all sorts of tire and wheels. Working as a tire technician can be more than a job - you can make a career out of specializing in tires and tire maintenance!

  • Automotive Tire Technicians work mostly indoors on passenger vehicles and light trucks
  • Commercial Tire Technicians work both indoors and outdoors and specialize in commercial, industrial, farm, and/or off-the-road tires 
  • Service Truck Drivers are commercial tire technicians that are trained to do outside, on-site work for our customers. This could be anything from regularly scheduled fleet checks to emergency repairs.
  • Mining Tire Technicians work outside and on-site on large mining equipment tires

All Tire Technician CAREERS

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