Air Conditioning & Heating

We want you to feel great in your vehicle

Car AC Repair - Auto AC Repair

Climate control keeps you comfortable as you drive. When you lose the ability to control the airflow in your vehicle – say it’s too hot, too cold or stops working at all – it’s likely because there’s a problem with your heater, your car needs ac repair, or even your engine cooling system.

Symptoms to look out for:

  • Fan speed not working properly
  • Interior temperature won’t adjust
  • Defroster not working
  • Lack of air flow
  • Coolant light is on
  • Strange sounds while air conditioning is on

Stay comfortable in any season with our car ac repair air and heating maintenance services. As part of these services, we perform vent tests and inspect air conditioning controls, heating and cooling systems, drive belts, and hoses. We also visually inspect all components and connections for leaks.


*Service varies by location. Please contact your local Fountain Tire store for more details and to set up an appointment.