• Rubber designed to be flexible with deep treads to grip the road better
  • Increases maneuverability in snow
  • Not meant for warm temperatures
perfect for temperature below 7c


  • Increases grip, handling and stopping distance on wet and dry roads
  • Lasts longer in warm temperatures
  • Lower rolling resistance leads to better fuel economy
perfect for temperature above 7c

Winter Tires vs Seasonal Tires

Canada’s weather is constantly changing, so it’s important to prepare yourself for whatever the road may throw at you. That’s why we recommend switching your tires every time the weather calls for it.

Both Winter and Seasonal tires have attributes that make them perfect for certain times, but not for others. So to maximize safety, it’s crucial to use tires that are right for the season.

Tire Changeover
vs Tire Swap

When changing your tires for the season, the two ways to do so are: Tire Changeovers and Tire Swaps. Get our Seasonal Care Package for a seasonal tune-up that keeps your vehicle in top shape as temperatures and driving conditions change.

A Tire Changeover requires one set of wheels and two sets of tires, and involves keeping your existing wheels while only switching out the rubber tires. This is initially the less expensive option as it doesn’t require purchasing a second set of wheels.

A Tire Swap requires two sets of wheels and two sets of tires, and involves replacing both the wheels and tires on your vehicle. This option is more expensive at first as it requires purchasing a second set of wheels - but it’s less expensive in the long run due to Swaps costing less to perform than Changovers.

When to Switch

With Canada’s fluctuating weather, it’s impossible to give an exact date for when to switch your Winter tires to Seasonal tires. But it’s best to take action when:

There is no more risk of snow or frost.

The average daily high is above 7C for 10 consecutive days


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