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We’re on the road to a more sustainable future.

The responsible environmental practices we put in place today, help create a better tomorrow for our people, customers, and our planet.

Recycling Options For Every Tire

Our goal is to ensure 100% of the tires we sell are recyclable by 2026.

Our recycled tires can be used in different ways. Drainage material for municipal landfills, rubber playground surfaces, rubber mulch, sidewalk blocks, matting products, roof tiles, and much more.

Currently 98%
of our tires are being recycled or upcycled


Maximize Tire Life For Customers

Extending the life of the tires we sell helps to reduce our impact on the environment.

Our tire retread plant currently saves over 6.5 million litres of oil every year. This would otherwise be used in the manufacturing of new tires, and the number keeps going up.

We’re proud to offer customers other advanced solutions to extend the life of their tires, such as nitrogen inflation and wear data.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through Vehicle Maintenance

One of the ways we can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is by keeping our vehicles well-maintained.

Our Digital Vehicle Reports help customers to follow their manufacturer’s recommended maintenance.

Better-maintained vehicles get better gas mileage and have reduced C02 emissions. This helps to offset harmful emissions.

42 Million
fewer tons of CO2 each year