Winter Tires 101 - Winter Tire Help

Below we have outlined some of the most common winter tire questions we receive. If you would like additional winter tire information please contact your local Fountain Tire.

Transport Canada, the Automobile Protection Agency and the Rubber Association of Canada have produced a series of videos that demonstrate the benefits of winter tires for winter driving. Click here to see the videos.

What is the difference between all-season tires and winter tires? click to expand

It's winter, but I don't see snow on the ground yet. Is there still a benefit to using winter tires when there is no snow? click to expand

How does the tread design of winter tires affect their performance over all-season tires? click to expand

Only two of my tires need replacing at this time. Should I replace just the two? click to expand

What kind of materials and designs are used in winter tires to make them work better in winter compared to all-season tires? click to expand

How will I know which tires are winter tires? click to expand

Will winter tires help me stop in slippery conditions? click to expand

Why shouldn't I keep winter tires on my car all year long? click to expand

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