GTradial: Champiro Ice Pro

GTradial Champiro Ice Pro

Premium studdable winter tire.

Current as of: February 14, 2016
On Sale Until: February 29, 2016
Winter Tire & Value Event

Dry Traction: 6 Wet Traction: 7 Snow Traction: 8 Ice Traction: 7 Quiet Ride: 6
New innovative studdable design
Specially designed stud distribution
Lateral groove pattern design
Reliable in extreme weather conditions
Enhances grip and reduces noise levels
Effectively removes slush and ice from the contact area

Add to Quote ListSizeProduct DescriptionLoad RangeSpeed RatingPart Number
Get a quote on the 195/55R15 89T XL CHAMPIRO ICE PRO tire195/55R15 89T XL CHAMPIRO ICE PRO#100A1985
Get a quote on the 205/65R15  94T IcePro tire205/65R15205/65R15 94T IcePro94T#100a195
Get a quote on the 205/70R15  96T IcePro tire205/70R15205/70R15 96T IcePro96T#100A198
Get a quote on the 205/75R15 97T CHAMPIRO ICE PRO tire205/75R15 97T CHAMPIRO ICE PRO#100A1986
Get a quote on the 205/60R16 96T XL CHAMPIRO ICEPRO tire205/60R16 96T XL205/60R16 96T XL CHAMPIRO ICEPRO96T#100a1502
Get a quote on the 205/55R16 94T XL CHAMPIRO ICEPRO tire205/55R16 94T XL205/55R16 94T XL CHAMPIRO ICEPRO94T#100a1496
Get a quote on the 205/60R15 91T  CHAMPIRO ICEPRO tire205/60R15 91T205/60R15 91T CHAMPIRO ICEPRO91T#A425
Get a quote on the 215/60R16 95T IcePro tire215/60R16215/60R16 95T IcePro95T#100a192
Get a quote on the 225/60R16 98T IcePro tire225/60R16225/60R16 98T IcePro98T#100a190
Get a quote on the 215/55R16 97T  CHAMPIRO ICEPRO tire215/55R16215/55R16 97T CHAMPIRO ICEPRO97T#100a1668
Get a quote on the 215/65R16 Icepro 102T XL tireP215/65R16215/65R16 Icepro 102T XL102T#100a1501
Get a quote on the 215/60R17  96T IcePro tire215/60R17215/60R17 96T IcePro96T#100a199
Get a quote on the 215/55R17 98T XL CHAMPIRO ICEPRO tire215/55R17 98T XL215/55R17 98T XL CHAMPIRO ICEPRO98T#100A1602
Get a quote on the 225/60R17  99T IcePro tire225/60R17225/60R17 99T IcePro99T#100a193
Get a quote on the 225/55R16  99T XL CHAMPIRO ICE PRO tire225/55R16 99T XL CHAMPIRO ICE PRO#100A1987
Get a quote on the 225/55R17 97T CHAMPIRO ICE PRO tire225/55R17 97T CHAMPIRO ICE PRO#100A1788
Get a quote on the 225/65R16 100T  CHAMPIRO ICEPRO tire225/65R16225/65R16 100T CHAMPIRO ICEPRO100T#100a1670
Get a quote on the 225/45R17 94T  CHAMPIRO ICEPRO tire225/45R17225/45R17 94T CHAMPIRO ICEPRO94T#100A1665
Get a quote on the 215/50R17 91T CHAMPIRO ICE PRO tire215/50R17 91T CHAMPIRO ICE PRO#100A1988
Get a quote on the 235/45R17  97T XL CHAMPIRO ICE PRO tire235/45R17 97T XL CHAMPIRO ICE PRO#100A1989
Get a quote on the 225/50R17 94T  CHAMPIRO ICEPRO tire225/50R17225/50R17 94T CHAMPIRO ICEPRO94T#100A1669
Get a quote on the 225/55R18 98T CHAMPIRO ICE PRO tire225/55R18 98T CHAMPIRO ICE PRO#100A1990
Get a quote on the 175/70R13 82T  CHAMPIRO ICEPRO tire175/70R13175/70R13 82T CHAMPIRO ICEPRO82T#100A1664
Get a quote on the 175/65R14 86T XL CHAMPIRO ICEPRO tire175/65R14 86T XL175/65R14 86T XL CHAMPIRO ICEPRO86T#100A1497
Get a quote on the 185/65R14 90T XL CHAMPIRO ICEPRO tire185/65R14 90T XL185/65R14 90T XL CHAMPIRO ICEPRO90T#100a1499
Get a quote on the 175/70R14 84T ICEPRO tire175/70R14 84T ICEPRO#100A1787
Get a quote on the 185/70R14 88T  CHAMPIRO ICEPRO tire185/70R14185/70R14 88T CHAMPIRO ICEPRO88T#100A1666
Get a quote on the 185/60R14 82T CHAMPIRO ICEPRO tire185/60R14 82T CHAMPIRO ICEPRO#100A1983
Get a quote on the 185/60R15 84T IcePro tire185/60R15185/60R15 84T IcePro84T#100A196
Get a quote on the 185/55R15  86T XL CHAMPIRO ICEPRO tire185/55R15 86T XL CHAMPIRO ICEPRO#100A1984
Get a quote on the 185/65R15 92T XL CHAMPIRO ICEPRO tire185/65R15 92T XL185/65R15 92T XL CHAMPIRO ICEPRO92T#100a1500
Get a quote on the 195/60R15 88T IcePro tire195/60R15195/60R15 88T IcePro88T#100a188
Get a quote on the 195/65R15 95T XL CHAMPIRO ICEPRO tire195/65R15 95T XL195/65R15 95T XL CHAMPIRO ICEPRO95T#100A1498

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