GTradial: Champiro 528

GTradial Champiro 528

Street Sport Truck - All Season (SUV)

Current as of: December 20, 2014

1. Unique and dynamic tread design with progressive elements
2. Streamlined high-angle grooves
3.Wide casing profile and variable pitch design
1.Outstanding handling stability
2.Efficient water dispersion at high speeds and wet traction

Add to Quote ListSizeProduct DescriptionLoad RangeSpeed RatingPart Number
Get a quote on the 275/45R20  CHAMPIRO 528 110V tire275/45R20275/45R20 CHAMPIRO 528 110VV#CPSUV4550
Get a quote on the 285/50R20 116V CHAMPIRO 528 tire285/50R20285/50R20 116V CHAMPIRO 528116V#CPSUV5050
Get a quote on the 275/55R20 117V CHAMPIRO 528 tire275/55R20275/55R20 117V CHAMPIRO 528117V#100A642
Get a quote on the 265/35R22 102V CHAMPIRO 528 tire265/35R22265/35R22 102V CHAMPIRO 528102V#CPSUV3550
Get a quote on the 295/50R20 115V CHAMPIRO 528 tire295/50R20295/50R20 115V CHAMPIRO 528115V#CPSUV5058
Get a quote on the 285/45R22 114V CHAMPIRO 528 tire285/45R22285/45R22 114V CHAMPIRO 528114V#100A635
Get a quote on the 305/40R22 114V CHAMPIRO 528 tire305/40R22305/40R22 114V CHAMPIRO 528114V#CPSUV4050
Get a quote on the 305/45R22 118V CHAMPIRO 528 tire305/45R22305/45R22 118V CHAMPIRO 528118V#CPSUV4558

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